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Recipe- Turmeric infused Lemon Rice!

lemon rice 3

Turmeric infused lemon rice Lemon Rice is a delicious South Indian dish you can easily put together when in a hurry. You can also make it with leftover rice. Turmeric gives lemon rice its beautiful golden color, without which it would be incomplete. ┬áServe Lemon Rice with plain yogurt, ┬ásalad and/or Papadams* for a simple, […]

Food For Thought- Turmeric!

Food For Thought- Turmeric!

Ever wondered what gives Indian food & curries its rich, yellow color? It’s the use of the least spiciest ingredient in Indian cuisine-“turmeric”. This amazing spice has a unique flavor when added even in small quantities. It is very low on the spice level and can be added to anything you cook. Turmeric is a […]