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Women’s Health: a decade by decade guide to eating healthy!

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  20s: Bone Building In your 20s, you’re still building up bone density, so this is the decade to help your bones grow strong and healthy. “You really want to make those bones as dense as you can while you’re young, during those bone-growing years,” says Ruth Frechman, RDN, an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics […]

Kumquat Recipe- Kumquat Marmalade!


Kumquats aren’t like other citrus fruit. Instead of having a tart rind and a sweet interior, they keep their sugar in the skin and have their pucker on the inside. It took me years to realize that the best way to eat them is to pop them into your mouth whole and take a big […]

Food for Thought- Kumquats!

Kumquat branch

Kumquats are fruit which closely resemble the orange, but they are much smaller and ovular, being approximately the size and shape of a large olive. Kumquat trees are slow-growing evergreen shrubs or short trees, from 2.5 to 4.5 meters (8 to 15 ft) tall, with dense branches, sometimes bearing small thorns. The leaves are dark glossy green, and the flowers are white, […]